Events from the life of factory workers

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The holiday is all around us! In order to plunge into the New Year's atmosphere as soon as possible and create a festive mood in the workplace, the Corporate Communications Department organized a photo contest "Holiday around us", perhaps the most long-awaited corporate competition among the working groups of JSC Ruspolimet. For the third year in a row, our employees actively participate in it, decorate their departments using imagination and creativity! Each team has worked hard to create a truly festive atmosphere in the workplace. Factory workers note that the company has been transformed in a New Year's way.  

Also, JSC Ruspolimet has a symbol of the new year 2024 - a Green Wooden Dragon!
We work at Ruspolimet - we develop in the Council On November 17, a solemn meeting was held dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the activities of the Council of Young Specialists of JSC Ruspolimet.

Every year, the Council of Young Specialists of Ruspolimet JSC is expanding, at the moment it has almost 100 people in its composition. The guys take an active part in the life of the plant and the district. Thanks to the work of active factory youth, more than 500 events were organized and held for factory workers and their families, enterprise teams, veterans, and future employees. This event is significant, because it not only creates the history of our team, but also shapes its future.