Unified Call center
(Unified telephone service of
the company)

Tel: +7 (83176) 7-90-00

Fax: +7 (83176) 5-12-75


Fax the office
of "Ruspolimet»
(Single Fax for receiving documents)

Tel.: +7 (83176) 7-90-69

Fax: +7 (83176) 5-44-60

Artyom V. Biserov

Head of General Machine Building, Nuclear and Power Engineering Sales Office

Roman B. Sharapov

Head of Metallurgical and Ship Building Sales Office

Aleksey G. Plotnikov

Head of Aviation Sales Office

Yulia M. Alimova

Head of Export Sales Office

Andrey V. Gubin

Deputy Director of Marketing and Sales for Aviation and Export

Oleg V. Kolesayev

Head of Shipment and Logistics Office

Svetlana A. Serdechnaya

Head of Corporate Communications Office

Vladimir M. Sokolov

Head of Machining and Special Products Department

Vladimir K. Korolyov

Chief Metrologist

Aleksey S. Yudin

Chief Power Engineer

Vladimir V. Eremenko V

Head of Facility’s Central Laboratory

Elena A. Fedorenko

Head of Legal Office

Olga V. Sharapova

Head of Finance Office

Elena A. Marinina

Head of Personnel Recruitment and Assessment Group

Olga A. Maskayeva

Head of Personnel Attraction and Development Department

Dimitry V. Volkov

Director of Digital Transformation Center

Sergey A. Cheboksarov

Head of Materials and Equipment Procurement Office

Aleksey Yu. Orlov

Chief Engineer

Valery V. Semkin

head of corporate security department

Around the clock. To transmit messages about corruption, embezzlement, and other illegal actions on "Ruspolimet"

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