Events from the life of factory workers

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"Clockwork people" at the anniversary tourist gathering The winners of the first stage of the annual corporate competition "Working youth – the way to success!", which took place directly at the workplace, were 50 young specialists of the enterprise. The heads of almost all departments of our plant selected the best employees to participate in the second stage of the competition - the tourist rally "Clockwork People", which became the most long-awaited event for young and active factory workers after a two-year break due to covid restrictions. And, by the way, this year has become an anniversary for such an event – for the fifth time the metallurgists of Ruspolimet gather at the Dubrava recreation center to compete for the title of the winner of the prestigious factory competition.
A sports festival for the heads of RUSPOLIMET was held in Dubrava! "We all know how to work well, let's have a good rest," N.N. Kubantseva, HR Director, greeted the participants. More than 50 people came to the start of this big sporting event, united in teams. Drive, pressure, speed, energy helped the teams to cope with the most difficult challenges!