Events from the life of factory workers

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At the enterprise - spring! The main women's holiday is March 8 - the period when the real spring comes. On this day, the most beautiful "flowers" are revealed - our women, because all attention is focused on them. In order not to miss the opportunity to admire the beauty and elegance of our factory workers, on the eve of the International Women's Day, the Corporate Communications Department of JSC Ruspolimet, together with LLC Russian Traditions and a creative group, organized a gala dinner with musical accompaniment.
Stars in production, stars on stage! On the eve of the long-awaited holiday, imbued with magic and pine aroma, filled with feelings of love and friendship, waiting for gifts and congratulations, at the Palace of Culture named after Dubrovskikh hosted the final of the creative contest "Stars in production! Stars on stage!" For the sixth year in a row, factory workers participated in the amateur art competition, where not only their talents are revealed, but also real stars are lit. This year, representatives of the enterprises of Grankom LLC, Drobmash CJSC, members of the Ruspolimet group of companies, joined our factory stars.