Events from the life of factory workers

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All-Russian campaign "Water of Russia"

The guys of the Council of Young Specialists of Ruspolimet JSC joined the All-Russian action "Water of Russia" and together with the environmental safety sector of the Kulebaki city administration and other activists of urban organizations went to the annual cleaning of the shore of the Novostroisky pond.

Clean–up days are a useful and necessary thing! Thanks to the efforts of caring youth, the coastal area was cleared of debris, old branches and windfall, elements of the stay of unscrupulous people.

A great holiday for our whole country

On the morning of May 9, a ceremony of laying wreaths and flowers at the Memorial in memory of the fallen soldiers took place on Metallurgov Square.  

The heads of JSC Ruspolimet, representatives of the district administration, the factory Council of Veterans, the Council of Young Specialists, various organizations and institutions, residents of Kulebaki and guests of the city bowed their heads before the bright memory of all those whose lives were taken by the war. And just for one minute, life froze… Even the raging wind, it would seem, subsided, and then began to play with renewed vigor. But neither the wind nor the rain prevented the holiday!